Cryptolocker Ransomware Virus

Cyptolocker is a particularly nasty virus attacking PC’s & Server’s lately, putting users in danger of permanently losing personal files and normal use of their computers. It enters PC’s through email attachments disguised as Fedex & UPS tracking emails or fake voicemails.

The virus encrypts user’s files with a two-key encryption process – using a public key to encrypt the files and a separate private key to decrypt files. The private key, which is necessary to decrypt the user’s files, is located on the cybercriminal’s private server and is unavailable to the user until a “ransom” fee is paid – usually between $100 and $300. There is also a time limit for the fee to be paid, after which time the private key is destroyed and retrieval of the files is impossible.

Apparently paying the fee does not necessarily mean a user will receive the needed private key, so it is imperative users be pro-active in protecting their PC’s:
Be sure to have the latest malware and virus protection software loaded on your PC
Backup regularly and make sure the backup is sufficient to restore start-up and personal files
Do not open email attachments from unknown or questionable sources
Be careful in choosing to browse unfamiliar websites

What if my PC is already infected? To get your PC back in working order, a few things need to happen:
1. Gaining access to your PC files by restoring the files from a previous backup
2. Removal of the virus from your PC
3. No backup? We have one option left. Call us for help and we will see if we can regain access to your files.

If you are overwhelmed or overworked in trying to keep your PC defenses prepared for newly emerging viruses, PC Tech stands ready to lend a hand. We can quickly assess your backup and malware needs or help you restore files and prevent future virus damage. Contact us with any questions at 636-464-2400 or

Keeping your PC as a BFF

For many of us, our laptops and personal computers are our best friends – there when we need them – any time, any place and always ready to help, right? Giving your personal computer a little TLC now can keep that friendship alive and well.

PC Tech recommends the following friendship checklist:

Do you have regular, verified backups?
Is your antivirus software up to date and running properly?
Is your software up to date (i.e. Adobe, Java, Windows, etc.)?
Have you cleaned your temp and temporary internet files?
Do you have error messages which need to be diagnosed and fixed?
Have you checked the internal memory to speed up your computer functions?

Contact PC Tech at 636-464-2400 if you have questions or want a little help keeping your personal computer as your best friend…forever!


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