PCTech enables customers to focus on what they are good at rather than trying to fix I.T. issues.


PCTech focuses on building relationships with customers and providing excellent service.  Since the company was founded, we’ve prioritized the research and implementation of new technologies.  We’ve developed advanced systems to maximize our ability to provide affordable, high-quality, client-focused service.

Today, PCTech has grown to work with over 2,000 clients through a combination of process improvements and the acquisition of several like-minded firms.  Throughout our acquisitions, we brought on previous owners to ensure a complete and effective transition, as well as a seamless experience for clients.  Their previous relationships and technical experience combined with our cutting-edge industry knowledge has enabled PCTech’s remarkable company growth while providing the best possible client experiences year after year.

Company Founder

By the late 1980’s, Jeff knew computer technology would be the perfect fit for his career.  He immersed himself in the industry, earning a Bachelor’s of Science with an emphasis in Management of Information Systems (MIS) while he worked as an intern to gain technical experience.  Immediately after graduation, he worked for a defense contractor and gained exposure to advanced and emerging technologies.  After gaining five years of professional experience, he began to contemplate starting and growing his own business, and in 2001, founded PCTech.


Customers Helped

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Protected Devices

Server & Computers Saved

We can’t afford downtime in our business. If our server is down we lose thousands of dollars an hour. PCTech takes care of our computers & servers so we can focus on what we are good at rather than trying to fix it ourselves

Al Kirchhofer, President

PCTech notified us before we even knew our server was down. Troubleshooting began right away & when we opened Monday we weren’t coming into an office with no server. Our server was returned & they had us up & running so we could continue to operate our business as usual. Thank you for getting us back online as fast as you did.

Joe Buchheit, President