Increase Productivity with Dual Monitors

Increase Productivity with Dual Monitors

Upgrading your computer set up to include dual monitors can have a big impact on your user experience and be a relatively easy and affordable upgrade to implement at your workstation. Still skeptical? Below are just a few of the ways having two monitors can make your computing life more productive.

A Smoother Two-Programs-At-Once Process:
We know you have had those projects that caused you to constantly click back and forth between two programs. Whether switching between Word and Excel or your internet browser and e-mail client, it can be frustrating and time consuming to continually switch programs.

With dual monitors those days are gone. You can keep your Excel document open on one screen while editing your Word document on the other. Slide your mouse over to one program to copy information and back over to the other to paste it, without having to click or Alt+Tab to switch programs.

Keep References In Front of You:
Dual monitors will also allow you to edit a document while keeping important reference information in front of you on the second screen. Do you need to learn a new skill in one of your computer programs? Open a tutorial on one screen and your program on the other to follow along. Writing an educational article and want to get your facts straight? Open your references on one screen while writing your article on the other.

Easy Access to Communication Tools:
You can give yourself quick access to your communications tools with a dual monitor set up. Keep track of those important e-mails by keeping your e-mail client open on one screen, allowing you to monitor messages and respond quickly when needed. Do you use programs like Skype for business use? Open your video sharing application on one screen and shared documents on another. The same can be done if your office uses chat tools to communicate and collaborate.

Easy to Implement:
You have read the advantages and are now craving a second screen, right? Great! Most up-to-date computers have the video adapters necessary to accommodate dual monitor ports. If your equipment does, turn off your computer, connect the monitor cable to the second video port and turn your computer back on. Up-to-date operating systems will recognize the second screen and walk you through the set up process.

With the cost of quality monitors continuing to decrease, you could have a new set up without breaking the budget! Of course, PC Tech is happy to assist you with a dual monitor set up or other computer needs at any time. Contact us at 636-464-2400 for more information.


  • Dual monitors
  • Smoother Two-Programs-At-Once Process
  • Keep References in Front of You
  • Easy Access to Communications Tools
  • Easy to Implement¬†