PCTech enables customers to focus on what they are good at rather than trying to fix I.T. issues

Since its founding in 2001 PCTech focused on building relationships with customers and providing excellent service. As the company grew, we had to research and implement new technologies and had to develop systems to ensure our business ran effectively while providing affordable, quality, client focused service.

Today PCTech has grown to over 2000 clients, both through its ever-improving processes and services as well as the acquisition of several other firms. Not only did we acquire the clients from the company, we brought on the owner to ensure a complete and effective transition of those clients to PCTech. With the previous relationship and technical specs already established with the clients, PCTech’s system is thus able to provide better service. This strategy has been effective for growth over the years and we expect it to continue.

As early as the late 1980s, Jeff knew that computer technology was the right fit for his career, and he began learning the industry as soon as he could. While attending school to earn a Bachelor’s of Science with an emphasis in Management of Information Systems (MIS) he worked as an intern to gain technical experience. Immediately after graduation he worked directly for a defense contractor and gained the needed exposure to advanced and emerging technologies. After gaining five years of professional experience, he began to contemplate starting and growing his own business. Opportunity struck, and he decided it was time to officially go all in with PCTech.


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We can’t afford downtime in our business. If our server is down we lose thousands of dollars an hour. PCTech takes care of our computers & servers so we can focus on what we are good at rather than trying to fix it ourselves

Al Kirchhofer, President

PCTech notified us before we even knew our server was down. Troubleshooting began right away & when we opened Monday we weren’t coming into an office with no server. Our server was returned & they had us up & running so we could continue to operate our business as usual. Thank you for getting us back online as fast as you did.

Joe Buchheit, President