Your Business is Missing an Essential Component

Your Business is Missing an Essential Component

If your company has two or more computers and you don’t have a centralized server, you’re missing out on the increased worker productivity, maximized data protection, centralized antivirus protection, advanced email functionality, and cost effective management that an in-house server delivers. Here’s why:

File Sharing
File sharing from a server saves time and money by keeping your data centralized. Instead of worrying if an employee turned off their PC at night or wondering would happen if the other PC’s hard drive crashed, a server acts as the main repository for all your company’s data. Folders and files can be setup so that only certain people can access the data to prevent unauthorized changes. Keeping the files in a central location also helps prevent data corruption, loss, and confusion when too many versions of the same file are saved to different workstations.

Network Printers
Having your non-network printers connected to and shared from a server decreases employee downtime. If there is a problem printing a file from a remote PC to the printer attached to the workstation, both the employee at the print server pc and the employee printing loses valuable work time troubleshooting the issue. When your server manages your printer shares, print jobs rarely fail; thus, users can print without disturbing coworkers with the “locally shared” printers.

Redundant Data Storage
Servers protect your company from catastrophic data loss by utilizing redundant data storage. Most servers have such built-in hardware based data protection called RAID. RAID consists of two or more hard drives configured to store data on the drives so that if one drive fails, the server continues operation preventing costly downtime. Your server will still need to backup the data on a regular basis, but it is much more efficient than having to backup multiple workstations.

Server Based Antivirus
Using server-based antivirus software increases the effectiveness of antivirus protection for all workstations and reduces your long-term expenses on subscription renewals to approximately 1/2 the regular cost. Once the server antivirus settings are configured, the server provides an easy, single interface that automatically installs antivirus updates to all client computers. And because only the server retrieves new antivirus definitions over the internet, your business saves time and bandwidth while ensuring all the computers in the office are up to date.

Email In-House Server
Running your email on an in-house server makes email faster and more efficient. In addition to the numerous in-office features such as an unlimited email addresses, shared calendars, shared public folders, centralized address lists, and integrated meeting planners, your Exchange Server allows you to access all your emails, contacts, and calendars from the internet. Even more importantly for mobile professionals: the Exchange Server will sync your email to your smartphone, and if you ever lose your phone, the server can wipe all your private data with a mere click of a button.

The benefits a server provides to your company are too numerous to list here. If you’re uncertain whether you should take advantage of this technology or if you just have some questions, please call our office for a free consultation.


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